Antique Jewellery

Each period has its own signature, whether it is the delicate detailing of Edwardian jewellery or the bold lines seen in Art Deco pieces. At Tarratt we offer jewellery from periods between the 18th century to the modern day. As well as striking designs we also look for exceptional gemstones from areas of the world that have long since stopped producing these wonders of nature.

Golconda diamonds, Kashmir sapphires and Burmese rubies are such stones, and there is a growing rarity of natural pearls and Columbian emeralds. Tarratt has some superb examples from various periods of style, Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro. These designs tell stories about the lifestyles, fashions and moods of these eras as well as showing how the skills, techniques and understanding of craftsmen have evolved. Our understanding of the evolution of the style and manufacturing techniques is crucial in the development and creation of our fine jewellery collections today.

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