Antique Bracelets & Bangles

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The antique and period collection of bracelets and bangles at Tarratt encompasses styles from the definitive years of jewellery manufacture. From Georgian diamond set bangles to Edwardian intricately set bracelets and coloured gemstones in Art Deco styles. You can be sure to find the finest examples of craftsmanship along with pieces from some of the greatest jewellery houses.

The styles on offer instantly describe the detail that has gone into their creation. The finest stones have been handpicked to make these wonderful items. The bangles and bracelet styles vary from dainty eloquent pieces to chunky more defined golden straps, made to bring attention to the wrist. Styles are of regal quality, and for the woman who knows her look inside out, there are pieces for everyday wear. For those who enjoy interchanging wrist wear there are wonderful styles to add to your collection, whether they are worn individually or alongside other bracelets and bangles.