Antique Brooches

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The antique and period collection of brooches at Tarratt encompasses styles from the definitive years of jewellery manufacture. From bold Georgian designs to intricate Edwardian diamond brooches, and coloured gemstone Art Deco styles, you can be sure to find the finest examples of craftsmanship along with pieces from some of the greatest jewellery houses at Tarratt.

It’s a real honour to stock such detailed pieces of jewellery; relics of a bygone age of exuberance and mastery in the art of jewellery making. The ranges feature inspiration from the animal and natural kingdoms, civilizations throughout history and the cosmos. They all come together in this unique collection with vintage charm, providing items that can suit any need.

Style is a must for our brooch range; with its diverse array of colours you’ll need to have a keen eye for a standout piece. Bring your thoughts to our dedicated team and they’ll advise you on the best brooch for your exquisite look.