Antique Earrings

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The antique earrings found at Tarratt are as wide and diverse as the periods which they originate from. Examples of enamel used in Georgian earrings, bold designs of the Art Noveau and Deco period and the feminine drop earrings of the 1950's are all represented in our wide range. Through the use of a multitude of gemstones, cuts and designs, you can find a unique piece for any occasion.

Antique collections are often a reflection of the character of the individual pieces and this range is no different. The individuality of the antique earrings means each must be seen to be appreciated in its full splendour. Whilst some styles are versatile for a range of looks and memorable events some of the pieces will lend themselves quite specifically to a particular appearance. With magnificent show pieces, small subtle studs, and mesmerising droplets you can rest assured that quality is guaranteed in our antique range.