Antique Necklaces

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The antique and period collection of necklaces at Tarratt encompasses styles from the definitive years of jewellery manufacture. From bold Georgian designs to intricate Edwardian diamond necklaces, and coloured gemstone Art Deco styles, you can be sure to find the finest examples of craftsmanship along with pieces from some of the greatest jewellery houses at Tarratt.

History has helped to forge the different styles in this range, and each item pays homage to the fashions of its day. For the vintage fashionista looking for a mercurial masterpiece then the necklace collection will have something for your trademark look. But don’t stop there, across this range there are spectacular one off necklaces that will suit a wide range of outfits.

The antique selection of necklaces on offer are the jewels you dreamed of as a girl. If you want a necklace fit for a queen then our antique collection will satisfy every need.