Antique Pendants

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The antique and period collection of pendants at Tarratt encompasses styles from the definitive years of jewellery manufacture. From Georgian diamond cluster pedants to intricate Edwardian designs, and coloured gemstone Art Deco styles, you can be sure to find the finest examples of craftsmanship along with pieces from some of the greatest jewellery houses at Tarratt.

The diverse range of pendants on offer are characterised by the incredible attention to detail which is a hallmark in their design. The pendants create a majestic focal point for any necklace. It’s important that style is considered wisely as the pendant is a vital tool in enhancing other features, particular facial skin tones, the eyes and lips. Fortunately these vintage styles have something for every appearance.

With stunning pearls, immaculate coloured stones and spellbinding diamonds this is truly a treasured collection. For a pendant full of character and style the antique collection will provide you with the very best.