Antique Rings

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The antique rings found at Tarratt are as wide and diverse in style as the periods which they originate from. Examples of enamel used in Georgian rings, bold designs of the Art Noveau and Deco period and the feminine cocktail rings of the 1950's are all represented in our range. Through the use of a multitude of gemstones, cuts and designs, you can find a unique piece for any occasion.

The rings in this collection combine grandiose showmanship and subtle elegance to bring together a collection for all seasons. Antiques, by their very nature, provide rings of brilliant individual character, many of which are versatile and some reserved for particular styles and events. In keeping with tradition we would invite you to look through the full range to spot a signature piece that is proven to last a lifetime. With wonderful rich stones adorning many styles you’ll find something with perfect character.