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Quality, creativity and beauty are all key characteristics of every diamond engagement ring at Tarratt. Within our diamond ring collection we offer cluster diamond rings, three stone rings, and classic solitaire rings. The diamonds used are of the highest quality and all come with a certificate from a reputable gem laboratory. Each diamond is hand inspected, and must not only have the highest rating in each of the 5 C's but also appear brilliant to the eye. We use a wide variety of diamond cuts; round brilliant cut, pear cut, marquise cut, princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut and many more.

All rings in our diamond collection are created from platinum, which produces the highest level of polish and will hold the diamond securely. We also have a range of diamond jewellery, wedding rings and eternity rings to compliment our diamond engagement rings. One of our diamond specialists will be able to assist you in your search and help you find an individual ring that will suit you.