Engagement Rings at Tarratt

Quality, creativity and beauty are all key characteristics of every diamond engagement ring at Tarratt. Within our diamond ring collection we offer cluster diamond rings, three stone rings, and classic solitaire rings. The diamonds used are of the highest quality and all come with a certificate from a reputable gem laboratory.

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Masterpiece Engagement Rings

Our Tarratt Masterpiece collection offers an incredible variety of stunning, luxurious pieces of jewellery. Each gemstone is hand-picked by our expert gemmologists, before being hand-crafted by our master craftsmen into rare, elegant pieces of jewellery. A perfect symbol of love and devotion, rings from our Masterpiece collection make exceptional engagement rings, with their sense of individuality and exclusivity.


Antique Engagement Rings

Antiques have the unique ability to take you on a journey through time. Carefully selected by our expert team, with generations of experience in the jewellery trade, our antique jewellery selection ranges from Georgian pieces dating from the 19th Century, right through to the Retro period beginning in the 1930s and beyond. Each piece has a beautiful way of reflecting the style and fashion of the time in which it was created, as well as demonstrating incredible craftsmanship. Antique engagement rings are brimming with character and individuality, making them the perfect gift to give to that special someone to commemorate such a momentous occasion.


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