Fine Jewellery

At Tarratt we believe in combining contemporary style with traditional goldsmith techniques to create individual pieces of fine jewellery.

Whether the brilliance of diamonds or the exceptional hues of coloured gemstones, it is part of the Tarratt philosophy to use only the finest examples of these products of nature. It is therefore essential that every stone is hand selected, and only the stones we deem distinct enough are used in our jewellery.

The varying tones of the precious metals on offer provide every item in the range with a distinguished finished. As jewellers of choice for professionals and fashionistas our range consists of only the very finest in contemporary and vintage styled pieces. Every item is suitable as a gift or memento for the most special of occasions.

Please find a large selection of diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald jewellery from classic clusters, to fashionable designs within the fine jewellery collection.

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