Fine Bracelets & Bangles

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The Tarratt workshops handcraft these unique and individual bracelets and bangles. With classic diamond line bracelets and eternity bangles to distinctly designed coloured stone creations, we strive to offer a bracelet or bangle for every occasion and all tastes. At Tarratt we use only responsibly sourced and quality metals and gemstones.

Our bracelets and bangles are the perfect gift for anyone who pays attention to the finest of details. Intricate pieces in both dainty and chunky styles are made for a variety of outfits. Every single item is made with the human form in mind to ensure that it meets the stylish needs of the wearer. The diamond range is simply stunning with a range of bracelets worthy of any red carpet.

The coloured stones are playful and seductive, perfect for bringing out natural features. The finely sourced silver and gold ranges from Tarratt are fit for royalty.