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Whether looking for a diamond line bracelet, eternity bangle or something more unusual, through our collection we offer designs from the classic to the contemporary. Our understanding and appreciation of the diamond, the most famous gemstone, allows us to experiment with different diamond cuts and qualities with outstanding results, showcased in both our 'Eden' and 'Persia' collections. The master goldsmiths have found rare ways to set these stones, using their knowledge of gem setting and present-day equipment to good effect. Tarratt uses only ethically and responsibly sourced diamonds from trusted sources.

When in doubt a diamond has the versatility to support any outfit however, with our range it’s difficult to see when you wouldn’t want to use the bracelets. The range has items that are perfect as standalone features of wrist wear or can be worn in a collection with numerous other bangles. Furthermore you’ll also find the perfect gift for someone special.