Gold Bracelets & Bangles

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Whether using rose, white or yellow gold, at Tarratt we only use high quality and responsibly sourced gold. It is then the work of our goldsmiths to hand finish every bracelet and bangle in order to produce such a fine result.

The Gold bracelets and bangles in our range feature some delightfully designed pieces that would complement any wardrobe. A mix of large interlocking chains, brilliant cut links and diamond finished bracelets and bangles contribute to this selection. We also have solid bangles that are made with precious metals that will sit comfortably on the wrist of the owner, creating a desirable focal point.

The handcrafted bracelets and bangles in our range are simply irresistible. Suitable for any woman of any age they provide an alluring quality and a mesmerizing finish to your desired look, perfect for any ensemble. Browse through our range of bracelets and bangles from our selection above.