Fine Brooches

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The Tarratt workshops handcraft these unique and individual brooches. With classic designs, to something more elaborate. At Tarratt we use only responsibly sourced and quality metals and gemstones.

Our team understand style and glamour which means the brooches that enter our collections are only the very best. Brooches come in Diamond, Coloured stone and Pearl styles giving something for every occasion. Styles centre on a wide range of themes including animal, natural and cosmic providing a delightful array of accessories. We use nothing but the finest ethically sourced stones in our collections so you can be sure your brooch comes from an authorised source.

The rich stones on offer with our brooches ensure that the jewels stand out. The eclectic designs mean there is something available for every outfit. With splendid beauty like this on offer and the advice of our trained staff you will find a brooch for every taste.