Jewellery Collections

The Tarratt fine jewellery collections show the philosophy of the company, through exquisite craftsmanship, exceptional gemstones, individuality, and innovative and exciting designs. We welcome you to explore the diamond rings of the 'Bubbles' collection, the unique 'Stepping Stones' necklaces set with a multitude of colourful gemstones, and the delicate diamond jewellery of the 'Eden' and 'Persia' collections.

Collections are inspired by a diverse array of themes which means there is something for almost every occasion. In their very nature collections are individualistic, each with their own character and charisma. The collections reflect a concept that our designers had in mind, and are to be worn on the most special of anniversaries and life events.

Take time to consider your most alluring natural features and the look you are trying to achieve. When you combine the fascinating stones in the collections range they will enhance the most gorgeous of looks.

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