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Whether using rose, white or yellow gold, at Tarratt we only use high quality and responsibly sourced gold. It is then the work of our goldsmiths to hand finish every piece which helps to create such an intense appearance.

Our small but dazzling selection of gold earrings is elegantly designed to provide a special feature to complement any look. Satin hooped earrings with a brilliant principle cut are complete with diamonds to finish this extraordinary look. The rose gold hooped earrings on offer criss-cross majestically through one another providing unique contours the exude elegance. Our red gold knot earrings provide a dainty yet detailed showing of fine craftsmanship in the form of these beautiful earrings.

The alluring selection of gold earrings from Tarratt is suited to the most desirable of tastes. If you want the perfect jewellery to go to the ball we would recommend viewing this sumptuous range.