Fine Pendants

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The Tarratt workshops handcraft these unique and individual pendants. With classic diamond solitaire pendants, to clusters with coloured stones and pearls, we strive to offer a pendant for every occasion and all tastes. At Tarratt we use responsibly sourced and quality metals and gemstones.

A well-chosen pendant can provide the mesmerizing final touch to any outfit or desired look. What’s more, as a gift for a loved one or an unforgettable keepsake pendants can speak volumes in terms of emotion and sentiment.

If you are looking for something subtle but unique, a delightful gift, then our gold and coloured stone ranges provide just that. The precious allure of these materials can have many meanings which make them the perfect memento.

For a more stand out piece of jewellery which will ensure you stand out at the ball then out enthralling diamond collection will do just that. Jealous eyes will cast their gaze in your direction as they marvel at the sumptuous jewels around your neck.