Emerald Rings

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The Emerald ring selection at Tarratt ranges from the hypnotic greens seen in Columbian emeralds to the exiting colours now found in Namibian emeralds. Throughout our collections, it is the work carried out by our master craftsmen to create rings that display these rich greens in your jewellery. Like ruby, emeralds were believed to possess medicinal powers. It was thought that emerald could cure diseases such as malaria and cholera, and even make its wearer more intelligent. Each of our emeralds is chosen because of their rich colour which can be seen in every exclusive Tarratt creation.

The rings represent a sign of their times and provide us with classic emeralds perfect for a formal outfit which requires a vintage touch. An eye for detail is vital with the emerald, as its deep green appearance contrasts starkly with many other tones. When set amongst the correct look the emerald will help to bring out your very best features.