Gold Rings

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Whether using 18ct red, white or yellow gold, at Tarratt we only use high quality and ethically sourced gold. It is then the work of our goldsmiths to hand finish every piece that creates such an intense appearance. Only by going through several stages of polishing and finishing can we produce such a high lustre.

The Gold rings in the Tarratt collection feature a stunning collection of intricately designed bands with jaw dropping appeal. With brilliant cuts and prominent diamonds emblazoned into a number of the bands there is something for every occasion. If you are looking for an item of jewellery with timeless appeal then the rings in this range should certainly be considered.

The unique styles require an owner who will care for their ring, and in the long term it will repay you with an exquisite piece of jewellery fit for any occasion. View our imaginative selection to find out more.