Cartier Watches

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Watchmaking was always a passion of Louis Francois Cartier, and Cartier has introduced a large variety of styles from the 19th century onwards. They started with pocket watches, echoing the motifs of the jewellery collections. Then, in 1904, the Santos watch was created, shortly followed by the Tank, variations of which such as the Tank Anglaise and the Tank Solo are still being reinvented. Cartier has a long history of creating interesting watch cases, seen in the Ballon Bleu and the Tortue.

Cartier watches are famed for their elegant chic styles for women and formal approach to watchmaking for men. Roman numerals are a typical signature of the Cartier style watch as well as angular and square faces. Although style and panache plays a key role in the evolution of the Cartier watch the brand does not compromise precision, with numerous complications and handmade manufacture going into many of the watches.