Shipping & Delivery

We offer insured worldwide shipping on certain items we sell. However, some areas of the world can be difficult to ship to as some couriers will not guarantee their services to particular destinations. Armoured couriers, although available, can be very costly. We complete all export paperwork for items leaving the UK but cannot be held responsible for any taxes or duties imposed by the destination country.

It is not always advisable to ship particular items. Antique skeleton clocks with glass domes are difficult to ship because there is a high risk of the dome breaking, however well it is packaged. It can then be very expensive to have a replacement glass dome blown. The more modern clocks tend to have a specific shipping case which makes the shipping process easier.

Barometers are also a difficult item to ship, as many contain mercury. We would have to drain the mercury before shipping and it would then be the customer’s responsibility to have the barometer refilled at its destination. The barometer would also require recalibration.

Please get in touch to discuss your shipping requirements.