Silver Restoration

Most silver will require some restoration work from time to time no matter how well it is cared for. We offer a number of different services to the owner.

Conservation involves work to the surface of the object. Hand cleaning and hand polishing is always used whenever possible to ensure the least amount of harm to the original finish. Conservation also involves the removal of corrosion, which is very common with old salt cellars and cruets.

Restoration can involve major reconstruction such as removing dents and scratches. It can also involve creating entirely new parts such as finials, handles and pre-ban ivory heat stops. Restoration will restore any damage so your silver looks like new, or will make it look its true age without any noticeable damage or repair.

Preservation is a useful process for highly ornate or delicate pieces. Treatments can protect an object from further deterioration by sealing the surface of the silver.

We are regularly asked about the removal of monograms, armorials or crests. Very often the silver is too thin to be able to remove any further metal by polishing, particularly if the engraving is of high quality as it is often deeper. A monogram can sometimes be cut out and replaced with new silver but it is very difficult to make this unnoticeable. It is worth noting that removing a monogram does not necessarily make the item more saleable – it could actually lower its value and deter potential buyers.

Other jobs we have undertaken include repairing threads, often on old candlesticks, replacing hinges and levelling lids on decanters and tankards and tightening up loose components, such as finials and handles.

Whether you are looking for full restoration work or a quick polish, come in and talk though your requirements with one of our staff.