Watch Battery Replacement

All quartz watches will require a new battery at some point, the lifespan of which depends on a few factors. Some quartz movements are more efficient than others, helping to extend battery life. Also, the more complicated the watch, generally the more often the battery will need to be replaced. A watch will a day/date/seconds display will drain a battery quicker than a simple watch with two hands. Quartz watches with seconds hands often give a warning when the battery needs replacing – the seconds hand gives 5-second jumps, sometimes lasting a week or even a year. Some quartz watches allow you to pull the crown out to stop the movement, such as the Patek Philippe 24, thereby increasing battery life. Remember that watches are more likely to suffer damage if the crown is left open, so avoid this technique in humid conditions.

Although it is possible in some cases to change your watch battery in the shop, ideally it should be sent to the manufacturer for a battery and reseal. This is because it is impossible to guarantee any waterproof qualities that the watch might have had before the case was opened. By the manufacturer inspecting the watch, if anything more serious is found it can be dealt with quickly.

Just like a mechanical watch, quartz watches will require servicing from time to time. The movement parts will wear in the same way as those of a mechanical watch. You will notice that the lifespan of the battery will reduce each time it is changed; this is partly due to the lubricants drying up. Gradually you will be replacing the battery more than once a year. The manufacturer will check to see if a full service is required when the watch is sent for battery replacement. The watchmaker may refuse to just replace the battery is they feel a service is essential.