Bespoke Diamond Rings

Bespoke diamond ring sketch

At Tarratt we have a wide selection of engagement rings to choose from, from the classic solitaire to the elegant three stones. However, if you require something more attune to your style, we also offer a bespoke service for you to create an individual design.

With our bespoke diamond ring service, every step of the process is handled in house, from the sourcing of the diamond to the design and craftsmanship of the ring. One of our consultants will take you through the process of finding your perfect diamond and building your unique design around it.

Our innovation and heritage allows us to be able to fulfil any request you may have. Before you commit to having the piece made, your design can be brought to life by our designer who can create a video as well as a still image of your design. Our experienced goldsmiths will then hand make your exclusive ring design.

With every bespoke diamond ring, as with any piece from Tarratt, we provide an extensive variety of after-sales services. You are always welcome to come in for a check and polish of your bespoke ring.