Paraiba Tourmaline

One of the most unique and dramatic gemstones can be found in the Mina da Batalha in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. The Paraiba tourmaline is a truly precious gemstone, whose unusual colour cannot be found anywhere else. It is extremely rare to find a Paraiba tourmaline weighing over two carats. The exclusiveness of this distinctive gemstone makes it extremely precious.

It is only when the stone is cut that its true vibrancy is seen, exhibiting a fiery intense glow even under low light. Such a rare gemstone needs to be set in a style that enriches it. At Tarratt we understand this and our knowledgeable gemstone buyers and artisan craftsmen ensure that our philosophy of dealing with such rare gemstones is protected.

It is always recommended to protect pieces of tourmaline jewellery to prevent damaging the stone. Pieces should be cleaned using soapy water and a brush, not in an ultrasonic machine.